Using Your Desk

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How can I choose the right desk for my home office?

Using Your Desk

When you decide it is time to organize your home office, one of the most important things to consider if you have enough space. Many people are opting for office armoires or space saving smaller desks, but this elimination of desk surface working space can really be counter productive. Yes, in some cases, the more space you have, the more you will use, but if you want to get organized, having sufficient working space and keeping it clean is part of the drill.

A quick office organization tip: choose the right desk! First, make sure your desk has a keyboard drawer - this will preserve the space in front of the computer for papers, notebooks etc. Second, consider a corner oriented desk or a taller desk depending on the space you have to use. Finally, keep your computer tower under your desk. As long as you keep the PC free of dust, no harm will come to your tower and you will free up valuable desk space.



4/1/2007 10:56:33 PM
Denise Lee said:

Don't forget writing space too! Even the most techno-savy person uses paper and pencil sometimes. The L-shape configuration is the most efficient use of space. It allows a separate area for the computer and for writing.


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