Home Filing Tips

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How can I make sure I keep my filing system going?

Home Filing Tips

Once you have your files, you may get frustrated if you have trouble reading your handwriting or deciding how to group your files.

A couple of home filing tips:

  • First, consider getting an inexpensive label maker. Not only will typed labels be easier to read, they are often larger in size and add some rigidity to your file tabs. This may sound funny, but keeping those tabs upright and flat will make a huge difference in finding and keeping your files.
  • Second, consider grouping your files in something other than alphabetical order. Maybe group utilities, mortgages, and car expenses into their own sections.
  • Third, if you have space constraints, consider having a primary filing cabinet and a secondary group of files. Keep the files you rarely access out in your garage or in your attic and keep the files you need close at hand in your home office area.



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