Home Filing 101

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Where do I start with my home filing system?

Home Filing 101

The mail has stacked up, the paper has taken over your office and the boxes and bags of receipts are piled mile high. Where the heck do you start?

One bag at a time! Set yourself up in a big room with an empty floor and start shuffling paper into different piles.

Organize according to:

  • Type of bill
  • Year of bill
  • Type of receipt etc.

Then begin your files. You can color code if that is your thing, or stick to plain manila. Label your files clearly and simply. Finally make sure you have someplace to store your new system. Pick up a filing cabinet at a yard sale or head to your local office supply store and grab some filing crates. The crates are colorful, sturdy and cheap - and if you ultimately upgrade to a filing cabinet, you can use them for shoes!



2/19/2007 6:55:37 PM
jomac said:

How long do you keep old receipts?

1/8/2009 6:56:44 AM
mel said:

I have always heard 10 years on tax info 7 years on other. Unless you are a business then it's 10 for all of it. If I'm wrong I would like to know.


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