Organizing Your Home is Not Just About Where Stuff Goes

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How can I make sure I am making the most of my home?

Organizing Your Home is Not Just About Where Stuff Goes

When you are deciding what room serves what purpose in your home, you shouldn't jump to conclusions. You really need to assess your needs. Whether you are just moving into your home, or you are deciding how to organize your home after being there for years, think hard. You do have that extra room for use, not just for looking pretty.

Maybe your extra room is an office - ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do you use it?
  • Is it efficient?
  • Do you have a guest room you never use?

Here is how you begin: what do you spend time doing that you never have space for? Crafts? Guests? Office stuff? Consider converting your unused guest room into an office and keep an air mattress in the closet for your guests. Or take your cluttered office and create a craft room with a more usable office station for you and your kids. When you need to organize your home, the first step is to get uncluttered, step number two is to go back to basics and really think about how you are using your space.



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