Winter and Summer Clothing Storage

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How can I better organize my clothes?

Winter and Summer Clothing Storage

One great space saving technique when it comes to clothes is swapping out your fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes in accordance with the seasons. Now, this does require the requisite closet, storage bins or clothing rack, but it is worth the space! When spring hits, use Spring cleaning as an excuse and fold up all of your bulky sweaters, long pants and jeans and store them away. If you are storing wool sweaters, make sure you keep them in a cedar lined or cedar wood chest or put moth balls in with your woolens to keep the bugs away. Once the fall arrives, pull your sweaters out - let them air out the odor from the moth balls - and replace your sweaters with your shorts, t shirts, bathing suits and other summer clothes. By rotating out little used clothing, you save space in your every day use dresser or closet. Additionally, you will better protect your wool sweaters, suits, pants and jackets by storing them properly for the summer months.



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